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23SH What if Programming Were Easy? That Would be Groovy

= Award Winning Session | = AIX | = IBM i | = Linux

Tuesday, May 4, 2010: 11:00 AM-12:15 PM
Lake Highland A (Hilton Orlando)

Session Abstract:
Yes you can try to do anything with RPG but it pays off well where it fits best. You've tried Java but that was hard to learn. You've done some work with Microsoft VB, .Net but that had a steep learning curve. If there were a more powerful programming language based on open Java standards that was easy to learn and use, integrated IBM i, Windows, Linux and more, that would be Groovy. Find out in 1 hour how easy it is to learn Groovy with real code examples: call CL and RPG programs, access any data, work with XML, generate Web applications quickly, automate testing. Imagine reading DB2 for i, Excel worksheets all in 20 lines of code or fewer! I'll even show you how your data can “talk” to your users. Leave with real Groovy code samples and all you need to get started on rapid, simple development for any type of application using the Groovy scripting language.

Learning Objectives:
Leverage knowledge of CL programming learning Groovy


Program on all platforms, all solutions easily

Rapidly grow your technical programming skills beyond RPG

anyone who wants to program on all platforms quickly, easily with less work