Ferenc Gyurcsan
Vision Solutions, Inc.

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Biographical Sketch:
Ferenc Gyurcsan has over a decade of experience in the clustering industry, with exposure to high availability, disaster recovery and high performance compute clusters. During the past ten years he worked for Vision Solutions and its predecessors (CLAM Associates, Availant, Lakeview Technology), in the High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity arena with a focus on AIX and Linux solutions. His roles included lead software engineer for IBM’s HACMP product suite, as well as sustaining development manager for HACMP and for Vision’s open systems products. Most recently, he has been a senior solutions consultant for Vision’s EchoStream and EchoCluster product portfolio. He holds an MBA degree from the University of New Hampshire, an MSCE degree from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and a product management PMC certification. Mr. Gyurcsan is honored to serve as an AIX Subject Matter Expert for COMMON.