Mark Anderson
IBM Corporation

IBM DB2 for i Strategy and Mid-Release Enhancements (570380)

Biographical Sketch:
Mark is a Distinguished Engineer and chief architect for DB2 for i. In this role, he has primary technical responsibility for the architecture, design, and implementation of DB2 for i. He has focused on database technology his entire career. Mark was involved in the System/38 database implementation and design long before it was generally available. Mark was primarily responsible for the first SQL implementation on AS/400 (for which he received a Corporate Award). Mark is a member of the IBM Information Management Architecture Board which is responsible for setting future database directions across the DB2 Family. Mark is also a member of the IBM SQL Language Council which is responsible for defining new SQL support for IBM and contributing to the ISO and ANSI SQL standards. Mark is frequently engaged to design database solutions to solve partner and customer requirements and problems. He regularly presents database futures to customers at the Executive Briefing Center and in eBriefings and is the primary database interface to the System i Large Users Group (LUG). Mark is a 1974 graduate of Luther College.