42BE OPEN LAB: Integrated File System and File Servers

= Award Winning Session | = AIX | = IBM i | = Linux

Tuesday, May 3, 2011: 9:30 AM-10:45 AM
205 CD (Minneapolis Convention Center)

Session Abstract:
This is a work-at-your-own-pace open lab. Get hands-on experience with the integrated file system and file servers.

The following modules are offered in this open lab:

  1. Accessing IFS - General (460255)
  2. Accessing IFS - ASPs (460256)
  3. Who's Using My Object? (460257)
  4. Copying in the IFS - Authority Considerations (460258)
  5. IFS Journaling (460259)
  6. IFS Security (460260)
  7. IFS Remote File Systems: NFS, QNTC, QFileSvr.400 (460261)
  8. Using RTVDIRINF results (490132)

Each topic has exercises for you to perform. Come give them a try and ask questions. Or stop in and try your own thing with the experts here to help you.

Learning Objectives:
Each module provides a different learning experience.  Listed below are the activities/concepts you should be familiar with after completing each module.

  1. Accessing IFS - General
    - Creating, deleting and working with IBM i NetServer file shares.
    - Mapping a network drive.
    - Copying files using IBM i NetServer.
    - Creating and deleting directories.
  2. Accessing IFS - ASPs
    - Creating and deleting user-defined file systems.
    - Working with user-defined file systems.
    - Using the integrated file system on basic and independent ASPs.
    - The basic principles of mounting and un-mounting file systems.
  3. Who's Using My Object?
    - Determining the jobs using a specific object.
    - Determining the object(s) being used by a specific job.
    - Investigating "object in use" errors
  4. Copying in the IFS - Authority Considerations
    - Owner, primary group and user profile authority considerations during a copy.
    - Public and group authority considerations during a copy to stream file.
    - Maintaining the same owner for a newly copied object.
  5. IFS Journaling
    - Starting and ending journaling of IFS objects.
    - Applying journaled changes to IFS objects.
    - Changing journaled IFS objects.
    - Viewing journaling properties of IFS objects from both System i Navigator and the "green screen".
    - Saving and restoring IFS objects.
  6. IFS Security
    - Changing permissions on the "root" (/) directory.
    - Securing the QSYS.LIB directory for the system and independent ASPs.
    - Securing the system with scanning and auditing by setting up various security system values.
    - Setting up security for /home.
    - Testing your system's IFS security policy.
  7. IFS Remote File Systems: NFS, QNTC, QFileSvr.400
    - Configuring a NFS server and client on IBM i.
    - Using and IFS path and an NFS mount to access a remote IBM i system.
    - Configuring a QNTC connection to a remote PC.
    - Using an IFS path to access files on a remote PC.
    - Configuring a QFileSvr.400 connection to a remote IBM i system.
    - Using an IFS path to access the IFS on a remote IBM i system.
  8. Using RTVDIRINF results
    - Running the RTVDIRINF command anc controlling where the results are placed.
    - Use of query tools to analyze the resulting data.
Anyone that uses objects in the IFS on an IBM i or access the IBM i from a client. This includes system administrators and application developers.

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