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Tuesday, May 8, 2012: 9:30 AM-10:45 AM
Magic Kingdom Ballroom 2 (Disneyland Hotel )

Session Abstract:
This new standard is aimed at opening and extending DDS with RPGOA to an open format using any metadata. IBM has been working with developers in the community to create this standard.


The structure for the standard consists of using an XML document for each DDS record-format description. The XML will contain both the legacy DDS definition and an embedded modern markup language.

Using this standard, IBM i developers can use legacy DDS keywords or embed a recognized markup languages with RPGOA. It allows developers to use their preferred tool or process for legacy modernization and new development. This new open standard provides for cross-solution compatibility, providing more flexibility when using RPGOA.

This session will be presented by representatives from IBM, the author of the open standard, and other industry experts. More information can be found here:

Learning Objectives:
This standard opens any UI description for Display file, but also for Physical or Printer file. From desktop, browser, mobile or SOA or office document, any UI can natively be described with a common standard that RPG can control with Open Access.


RPG OA and Metadata Open Standard for DDS in XML makes RPG a top language for modern apps.

1. Open Access frees the CONTROL to any UI for RPG.

2. Open Access Metadata Open Standard frees the DESCRIPTION to any UI.  

With these new assets and the centrality of RPG with the OS you get a very attractive language.

This session will show you that with the same model you can create modern UI and (re)think of RPG as a top modern language.

As this standard opens any UI description for RPG it benefits all IBM i community. It is an interesting opportunity to revitalize all development and consolidation on the IBM i for top modern apps.

See more of: IBM i - RPG IV

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