55AD RPG and Web Apps: Using the Chrome Console to Analyze and Debug

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015: 2:00 PM-3:15 PM
Amazon (Disneyland Hotel )

Session Abstract:
The console included in your web browser may be the most important front-end development and debugging tool you already own, yet never knew you had!  Even IBM i programmers with little or no background in web development can find useful elements in the console, as it serves as popular go-to tool for understanding what's happening with just about any element on a web page. In this session, the freely available Google Chrome browser will be used to demonstrate how its integrated console can be used to interrogate data going between an IBM i and a front-end web application, view/debug source code, analyze visual elements and dig into other common aspects of a typical web page.  The discussion will also include an introduction to basic JavaScript, JSON (Javascript Object Notation) and DOM (Document Object Model) concepts, which are key components to modern web and mobile apps.
Learning Objectives:
* Learn how to access the Chome browser console (from Windows or Mac)

* Understand the most common elements of the console

* Become familiar with basic concepts behind JSON and the DOM, as depicted in the console

Anyone interested in web development or viewing/analyzing the basic technical construction of a web page.

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